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Focussing on you, the customer
3R Business Development and its network-partners focus all their efforts on you, the customer. And on the customers behind you, your own customers. Based on our specialisms  -marketing and sales consultancy, fulfillment and support-  we conduct all kinds of activities that will enable you to reach your objectives. Whether it involves consulting, training on the job, or temporarily filling marketing or sales vacancies, you can count on us, for 30 years.
In our view, most entrepreneurs are in
in a sense comparable to sea sailors.
When they go for something, it's all hands
on deck. The greatest wins are within reach,
and fortunately often achieved, as well.
Although they cannot change the wind, they
can adjust the position of their sails, instead.
The question is: when and how to do so?
3R Business Development helps you and your organization 'adjust your sails', so to speak. We will help you take advantage of the opportunities in today's market and that of tomorrow.
Together with you and your organization, this can be achieved through:

-business development: the development of innovative business models and other ways of doing business;
-training and learning: business development goes hand in hand with the development and training of know-how and interpersonal skills.
If required, preliminary courses can be given in fields such as economics. management, marketing and sales. For your convenience, we also offer these courses through distance learning;
-marketing communication: development of clear and functional communication messages and other business communication tools and presentations that effectively help you expand your business.
Oh, and by the way, if so desired, we can also teach you how to sail at sea! 
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