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3R Business Development
Established in 1991 by Raymond Reinhardt. Started his career
as a martime officer for Shell. Thereafter he became an account
manager for Nationale-Nederlanden Life, until his self-employ-
ment in 1991. As an entrepreneur, Raymond has specialized in
management, marketing and sales, and conducts consultancy,
support and training & education in these specialisms. Has also
been working as a freelance lecturer on behalf of various
intermediate vocational institutes and universities of applied
sciences, since 1997. Initiator and founder of the distance
learning website
Raymond is also closely involved in multicultural issues in the Netherlands, for which he was knighted in the Order of Orange Nassau in 2008.
From the very beginning, 3R Business Development has been working closely with various entrepreneurs and organizations, in order to offer our customers better services in a multidisciplinary manner. Among the network partners we co-operate with, are: project managers, organizational experts, psychologists, lawyers and business economists.
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3R Business Development,
Kievitlaan  95, 1742 AC  Schagen, The Netherlands.
Phone: (0) (31) 224 - 215 291
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