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Effective customization, and beyond
Training and education form the basis of successful business development. Each business development plan is unique and, in this respect, requires a customized approach. For example, a combinaton of marketing, sales and customer analysis training, specifically tailored to your unique situation.
Some of our training topics that could possibly be interesting to your organization:
-personal selling;
-customer focussed training;
-applied marketing;
-sales and sales management;
-cultural diversity and intercultural communication.
If so desired or required, regular education, aimed at earning diploma's, can be composed, in close conjunction with your organization.
3R Business Development and its network partners have long-lasting teaching expertise within, and co-operations with, intermediate and higher vocational institutes, and with several European universities, particularly in the fields of marketing, sales, management and business economics.
Of course it is also possible to create a combination of both practical, customized training and regular education for your organization.
Distance learning
Although most people will prefer regular training and education sessions, in which students and trainer / teacher are physically present, this is not always possible. In such cases, our distance learning can provide a solid solution.
Naturally, students / course participants within your organization can also follow the mentioned regular training courses through this online learning method. For this purpose, we use Microsoft Teams© and other programs that enable online communication with all the participants.
Education and training through distance learning offers you and your organization several benefits:
- flexibility; students / course participants can choose -in
consent- when, from
   which place and through which medium they want to train or study;
- customized training; we develop individualized distance
learning programs to
   suit the level and capabilities of students / course participants. In this way, each
   student / course participant has the best opportunity to learn and improve
   oneself in his or her professional environment;
- profitable investment; students / course participants can
train or study at
   home or at the workplace, saving money and valuable time otherwise spent on
   travel and accommodation.
Regarding the necessary training and educational materials, we have set up a special education platform, The Presentations Platform (, which includes numerous modules and presentations.
For more information, just send us a message or question via the contact form on this site.
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